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Energy underlies everything we are, everything we do, and everything we experience in life. Well-being depends on a free flow of energy in and around us. When the flow gets blocked, we feel it—sometimes directly, like through physical pain or discomfort, and sometimes indirectly, like when it affects our mood or our relationships. And these blocks can arise in any of our bodies.

I have studied and been treated with a number of energy healing methods, including Reiki, Matrix Energetics™, BioGeometry™, Integrated Manual Therapy™, and others. I use whichever method or combination of methods fits the issues we’re working with. I offer stand-alone energy work sessions, and I can include energy work in other sessions to facilitate whatever practices we’re using.

Energy healing can be done remotely as effectively as in person.


Contact me to talk about how energy work can fit into your practice.

Paul Steinberg performing energy healing work--one hand on forehead, one hand on heart
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