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Spiritual coaching sessions start with your goals and the issues you’re working on and evolve as you evolve. We use whatever modalities will serve you best—talking, breathing, meditating, stretching or yoga, energy work, others.

A coaching session can be a helpful adjunct to other practices you may be engaged in, like meditation or yoga, or even psychotherapy. Spiritual work can help us draw connections between different parts of our lives, and between us and others, and that can lead to a strong sense that our lives are coherent, meaningful, and satisfying.

The terms “spiritual” and “spirituality” can evoke lofty, mystical and religious images and concepts. “Spiritual” is often seen as the opposite of “human, grounded, down-to-earth,” and spiritual practices are sometimes met with eye-rolling from people who see themselves as wanting to live “down here on Earth’ as opposed to in the clouds. What “spirituality” means to me is developing and strengthening a “big picture” sense of life—who am I, what am I, where am I, how did I get here, and where do I want to go? It’s very practical, and very down-to-earth. 

Contact me to talk about what you’re interested in.

Paul Steinberg engaged in a spiritual coaching session over Zoom
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