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Most of us live our lives weighed down to some extent by thoughts and feelings that do not serve us. The simple techniques of meditation can diminish the power those thoughts and feelings have to color how we experience our lives. When we meditate, we create “space” between our thoughts and feelings—including worry, self-doubt, self-judgment, self-consciousness, the burdensome stories we carry around about who and what we are—on the one hand, and who we truly are on the other hand. In that space lies deep peace and contentment. Through meditation, we learn to move through the ups and downs in our lives without the downs causing suffering, even when they are painful.

Meditation is training ourselves to sit with disturbances—internal and external—that are outside our control. It’s like working out at the gym to develop strength and flexibility in the physical body: Meditation is a workout to develop strength and flexibility in the emotional and spiritual bodies. It’s a practice of finding greater ease in living and a fuller experience of life. It is sometimes described in lofty, mystical or even religious terms, but it is actually very practical and down-to-earth. The more we develop the capacity to sit with disturbances, the less stress and anxiety we experience, the more choice we have in how we act, and the freer our lives become.

I have meditated on and off since age 14 and have had a consistent, committed meditation practice for over 15 years. I have seen the results that meditation offers in my own life, and I love to help others begin, renew, refresh or maintain a practice. One thing I have discovered is how helpful it is to be connected to a teacher or guide who has gone through the practice and knows the common stumbling blocks. Whether

Paul Steinberg sitting in meditation

you are a complete beginner or an experienced meditator, and whether your goal is to reduce stress and anxiety or to develop a closer relationship with your true self, or anywhere in between, I believe I can be helpful to you.

I offer weekly meditation sessions for people of any amount of meditation experience.

Contact me to talk about meditation or to arrange a private session.

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