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Paul Steinberg with prayer hands lifted among the tall trees in a gesture of full body freedom

We all have a body, and most of us are pretty familiar with our body, or at least with certain aspects of it. When we refer to it, we’re usually referring to our physical body. In fact, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines body as “the organized physical substance of an animal or plant either living or dead.” 

But we experience our lives through more than just our physical body. You could say that we also have—

  • A mental body – when we experience our lives through thought, it’s through the mental body.

  • An emotional body – when we experience our lives through feelings and emotions, it’s through the emotional body.

  • A spiritual body – when we experience our lives through a sense of ourselves as connected to others and the greater universe, it’s through the spiritual body.

It can be helpful to think of ourselves in this way, because on the path toward greater peace and contentment, issues, obstacles, and opportunities arise in one body or another at different times. Working through them with an awareness of all the bodies leads to full body freedom and the greatest satisfaction in life.

Pink lotuses floating serenely on the water, symbolizing beauty and joy emerging from the mud
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