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Thinking and Hitting

How can you think and hit at the same time? —Yogi Berra

Short answer: You can’t. Well, of course you can—we do it all the time. Whatever the equivalent of Yogi Berra’s hitting is for us, we almost always do it and think at the same time. But once we train ourselves to let go of the thinking and just do whatever we’re doing, we discover how much more effective we can be and how much more peace, contentment, and even joy there can be in doing everything we do. Thinking, which we often feel we need to do in order to get anything done, and which we sometimes feel enables us to get more done than we could without thinking, turns out to be a real drag on our successfulness, our productivity and our satisfaction. This can be hard to believe—in fact, some people strongly believe the opposite; it’s one of those things you have experience to get, and the recognition of it comes gradually as we practice letting go of thinking more and more.

Yogi Berra had great baseball chops, a sharp wit, and deep wisdom.

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